When is the Exhibitor Set Up and Move Out?

Set up will be on Wednesday April 1th from 8:00am to 8:00pm
Move out will be on Thursday April 2th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm (when the event is over).

What is the address of the El Paso Convention Center?

One Civic Center Plaza
El Paso, Texas 79901

What is the Exhibition Room name?

The Exhibition Room name is Hall B

What is the size of my booth?

The standard booth size is 3m x 2m , Double booths are 6m x 2m, Islands are 5m x 5m.

What are the sizes of the panels of my booth?

3 meters width x 2 meters depth is the size of the booth.
3 frontal panels and 4 lateral panels (2 on each side)
95 cm of base x 2.35 meters of height each one of the back of the booth.
95 cm of base x 91.1 cm of height each one of the lateral panels.

What is included in my booth?

All booths include booth structure, company’s Identifying signage, electricity connection, one 6’ table with tablecloth and 2 chairs. Islands only include the space and electricity connection.
In case you don´t need the booth structure please notify Raul Herrera raul@mexiconow.mx

Are there height restrictions for our booth display?

Maximum height for booths is 5 meters.

Is there access to electricity for my booth?

Yes, you will have one plug available.

Do I have to have a table at my booth?

We do provide a table and two chairs to every booth. However, if you do not need a table, please contact Raul Herrera at raul@mexiconow.mx

Is there wireless connectivity in the Exhibition Room?

Yes there will be free wireless connection

What type of staffing should I have at my booth?

We require a minimum of one person to staff each booth. Additional staffers are at your discretion. With the amount of people attending the event, if you are understaffed, the information you need to get out to those visiting your booth will not happen. We urge you to plan accordingly.

What do you recommend I bring?

We provide a table (2’x 6’) with tablecloth and two chairs.
Think about bringing:
Materials for your booth set-up
Information pamphlets
Promotional materials and give-aways

When and where do I ship my show materials?

Please ship your material to your hotel. El Paso Convention Center does not have the receiving service available.
USA: 1 877 864 8528
Mexico: 01 800 170 1010
For further questions please contact
Raul Herrera at