Mexico Auto Industry Summit

Mexico's Supply Chain Challenges under NAFTA, U.S. TAX Reform and Mexico's Presidential Elections

Mexico's Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit

The B2B Meetings offer the possibility of identifying potential business opportunities to suit the participants interests and business needs by requesting meetings with representatives from most of the companies in the event. These pre-arranged informal/introductory meetings will be organized in 20-minute intervals according to each company's availability.

Every company participating at the Mexico's Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit will be able to manage all of the B2B Meetings activity stages through their administration panel.

B2B Meetings Stages:

STAGE 1 - .
(From to at 00:00hrs. MT)

1. The first step is to complete your Company's Profile by filling out your Company's Information.
2. Then, define/assign your B2B Team Members (up to two of your company’s representatives in the event, who will be able to attend the B2B Meetings).

STAGE 2 - .
(From at 00:00hrs. to at 00:00hrs. MT)

3. Once the Stage 2 begins, it will be time to make B2B Meeting Requests in order to identify the companies of your interest. Detailed profiles of each company will be provided to help you select your best fit.
4. Other participant companies are likely to look into your profile and request a meeting. You will be able to revise B2B Meetings requests, confirm or reject them.
5. Once the event's official agenda is released, participant companies will be able to specify the dates and times that each B2B Team Member will be available to attend meetings. This is optional for those participants with special schedule needs.
6. Participants will be able to keep going through steps 3 and 4 during the Meetings Requests/Confirmations Process on a daily basis. Each day, they will be able to see new companies' registrations and may receive new meetings requests to suit their interests.

STAGE 3 - .
(On at 00:00hrs. MT)

7. MEXICONOW will compile all of the confirmed requests obtained by each company and will generate their B2B Meetings Schedule, which will be available on to 00:00hrs. MT).
8. Every schedule will specify the time of the meetings for each team member. The B2B Meetings may take place in the Stands or Islands at the Exhibition Area or at the dedicated B2B Tables Area.

MEXICONOW B2B Staff will be providing guidance during all the process, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Email contact :

USA : 1-877-864-8528
Mexico : 01-800-170-1010

+52 (614) 414-8640
+52 (614) 414-8638

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